TOP DEM HELPS UNION BOSSES TARGET OTHER DEMS: How Sen. Harkin is Conspiring With Union Bosses to Target Members of His Own Party

Imagine a U.S. Senator helping a special interest group to target members of his own party. Unbelievable? Well, it’s happening and, now, the United Steel Workers (formerly known as the United Steel Workers of America) has confirmed what we stated earlier this week.

As we noted on Monday’s post, Iowa’s Senator Tom Harkin (D) had previously threatened that, barring any compromise, he would send the moronically-monikered Employee Free Choice Act to the Senate floor for an ‘up or down’ vote.

Despite the irony of the date, the question becomes, is there further significance to Harking’s hurried threat?

As noted:

Why has Harkin made this threat? It’s really very simple. Union bosses want to know who’s with them (or not with them) so they can target the Dems on the fence in the 2010 mid-term elections. If they can’t get to the four or five Democratic Senators who are now queasy over EFCA, they’ll attempt to get the electorate to boot them from office next year.

It appears that we may have stumbled onto something as Unted Steel Workers stated rather bluntly yesterday:

Senator Harkin, who is leading this fight as Senator Kennedy deals with health issues, has vowed to either find a solution that works to get to 60 votes, or force those unsupportive Senators to take a vote on the original measure. This way, we know where they stand come election time. Either way, the vote could occur this summer, possibly within weeks.

So,there you have it. A senior member of the United States Senate, Tom Harkin, a Democrat, working to help a special interest group-union bosess-target fellow his fellow Democrats.

Where is the outrage from within the Democratic Party?

Of course the union threats against politicians who do not follow the union agenda are not new, as this video of an SEIU “person” threatening legislators in California proves.


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