UAW Voting to Strike Atlantic City, Casinos Ready to Replace

After nearly two years of failed union negotiations at Caesars in Atlantic City, NJ by the UAW, the United Auto Workers is conducting a strike vote this weekend among dealers at both Bally’s and Ceasars, according to the Press of Atlantic City. While Bally’s is not currently in negotiations, Bally’s workers did vote to unionize in 2007, but the company is contesting the election.

Apparently, the UAW is attempting to use the (formerly) busy summer season to launch their strike assault on the city in an effort to get Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. (which owns both Bally’s and Ceasar’s) to soften its stance in negotiations.

Unfortunately for the UAW, the union that once was able to bring the Big Three to their knees (and two of them into bankruptcy) may be in for a fight. It does not appear Harah’s is going to roll over to the UAW’s demands like the Big Three once did.

According to Harrah’s spokeswoman, Alyce Parker, the casinos are prepared for the UAW to walk:

“We can and we will replace dealers with either temporary or permanent workers, and will make sure that our customers continue to receive exemplary service,” Parker said. “While a temporary inconvenience for us, any potential strike will have a much more profound impact on the dealers.” [Emphasis added.]

The UAW has said it will release the results of the strike vote on Sunday.


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