The National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency that oversees private-sector labor relations is seeking a librarian to keep track of things for the union agency.

While much of the NLRB’s staff is unionized by the National Labor Relations Board Union, the libarian position posted is a non-union position. According to the posted job description:

This non-bargaining unit position is located in the Division of Administration, Library and Administrative Services Branch. This 30,000-volume library functions as the center for the NLRB Library System, providing specialized research and library services to the entire Agency staff, both directly and through its network of more than 56 field and Administrative Law Judges libraries maintained in NLRB offices throughout the nation. The NLRB Library is the major national resource for primary source materials and research on the nation’s primary labor relations law, its interpretation and administration. Extensive information services are provided to NLRB employees and to a public which includes research workers from other government agencies, foreign countries, labor organizations, private law firms, academic institutions, professional associations, and business firms.

Key Requirements:

A complete application as required under How To Apply tab

Successful background investigation

One-year probationary period may be required

U.S. Citizenship

Apparently, the union-run NLRB wants its librarian to be un-organized AND an American.

Something is wrong with this picture.

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