Backing a $787 Billion spending package that no one in Congress read before voting on it…

Flipping political parties to save his proverbial political butt…
Telling irate constituents that he didn’t have to be at a town hall meeting…

It’s all bound to catch up to a career politician sooner or later and, in Arlen Specter’s case, that time may be now.

According to a Rassmussen poll, Pennsylvania’s newest Democratic senator is now trailing Pat Toomey (R).

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Pennsylvania voters shows 48% would vote for Toomey if the election were held today. Just 36% would vote for Specter while four percent (4%) prefer a third option, and 12% are not sure.

These figures reflect a dramatic reversal since June. At that time, before the public health care debate began, Specter led Toomey by eleven.

Just 43% now have a favorable opinion of Specter while 54% offer an unfavorable assessment of the longtime GOP senator who became a Democrat rather than face Toomey in a party primary. Those numbers have reversed since June when 53% had a favorable opinion of him.

What does this all mean?

Right now, it means that Specter is in BIG trouble and his new-found allies on the Left may not be able to help him.

However, it also could be just a blip in the poll numbers, which may fall back to Specter before next year’s primary.

Time will tell.

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