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Frankly, we just assumed Arlen Specter’s repeated flip-flopping over the no-vote unionization bill (otherwise known as the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act) was due to a lack of polictical backbone or principles–a man desperate to save his political butt.

We even considered his lack of fortitude might be due to addle-brained feeble-mindedness or senility. We did NOT, however, even contemplate that Specter may have been bribed.

That said, after Specter’s latest flip-flop on Friday over EFCA, Erick over at Red State gives an interesting hypothesis which merits some further examiniation.

Arlen Specter is, admittedly, the most unprincipled opportunist in Washington, but something sure seems fishy.

Back in April after switching parties, Arlen Specter said, “I will not be an automatic 60th vote and I would illustrate that by my position on employees’ choice, also known as card check. I think it is a bad deal and I am opposed to it and would not vote to invoke cloture.” He was pretty adamant about it.

Well, Specter goes to the lefty blogger confab in Pittsburgh on August 14th and is asked, “Is it fair to say that on the climate legislation, on Employees Free Choice, on the public option health care plan, these are all areas where you would be voting with the majority for cloture?”

Specter’s response? “Yes.”

Guess what. Three days after Specter’s yes, Obama decides to raise money for Specter.

Sure, Obama had already said he’d campaign for Specter, but had actually done not one thing to help Specter. Heck, Obama did absolutely nothing to keep Sestak out of the primary, something Obama could have done.

But Specter goes on record saying he will now vote for cloture on stuff four months ago he adamantly was opposed to and now Obama says he’ll raise money for Specter, as will Joe Biden.

The question is: which came first? Did Specter saying ‘yes’ persuade Obama or did Obama persuade Specter?

The buzz in Pennsylvania last week was that Obama would not be helping Specter despite promises to do so. Now Obama is all in.

Unless you think the news is wholly coincidental, we must now consider the need to spell Arlen Specter’s last name with a dollar sign instead of an “S”.

It sure looks like Presidential bribe to get a filibuster proof Senate.

While there is nothing conclusive here, knowing that politicians often have less morals than snakes, this could be an explanation of why Specter’s stance on EFCA changes from party to party or, for that matter, from month to month.

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As America is currently embroiled in a debate on whether or not to embrace socialized medicine, her next door neighbor Canada is having troubles with its own socialized medical system.

Dr. Anne Doig, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association, said her country’s health care system is “sick” and “imploding,” the Canadian Press reported.

“We know there must be change,” Doig said in a recent interview. “We’re all running flat out, we’re all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands.”

Canada’s universal health care system is not giving patients optimal care, Doig added. When her colleagues from across the country gather at the CMA conference in Saskatoon Sunday, they will discuss changes that need to be made, she said.

And this woman discusses how her father was killed by his government health care system:

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It’s Monday evening and it was a hot one today. While the air-cooled Harleys were parked in the shade, we felt it an opportune time to share the some of the latest and (not so) greatest news on the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act as well as what else today’s union bosses are up to.

Another Harley Strike?

First and foremost, on a subject near and dear to our hearts (as well as other body parts), the International Association of Machinists is scheduling a strike vote on September 20th at the Harley Davidson plant in York, PA.

With 2,000 jobs at stake, this is a seemingly suicidal tendency on the part of the IAM as it comes on the heels of Harley’s ultimatum that it needs to trim costs or it will (like Caterpillar before it) leave York, especially following the three-week strike just 2 1/2 years ago.

Arlen Specter’s Little Purple Pill & Its Ugly Stepchild ACORN

If you you’ve been reading our blogs, just when you think Arlen Specter (D-R-D PA) is heading into proverbial town hall hell with flaccid poll numbers, it seems as though he just takes a little SEIU Purple Pill, mixed with some mixed nuts at ACORN, and WHAMMO! his poll numbers start to rise again.

According to a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll, Specter is once again back in the saddle, riding a five point lead over his Republican rival Pat Toomey.

While it does seem hard to believe that Pennsylvanians would support a man who switches his opinion and his party likely more often than his underwear, it may be that Specter’s Viagra-like poll numbers are due to the cover he’s getting from the Purple People Eater union known as the SEIU.

The SEIU and its ugly stepchild known as ACORN have apparently been astro-turfing for Specter by busing their storm troopers to Specter’s town hall meetings to avoid more embarrassing ‘senior moments’ for the octogenarian politician who, it seems, has forgotten who he works for.

The Spectre of EFCA in September

Speaking of Senator Specter-the-Spectre (the man just who can’t make up his mind when it comes to the delusionally-dubbed Employee Free Choice Act), on Friday, the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned Democrat Senator told an audience of left-wing bloggers in Pittsburgh that he wood vote for cloture on EFCA.
This means, contrary to his statement in March that he was opposed to EFCA, he is once again fully for it AND, if all Democrats are in alignment, EFCA will pass as written (see caveats below).

Here’s Our Current Prognosis on EFCA…A Lot of IFs:

  • Nothing before September 8th (when the August recess is over)
  • IF Democrats Mary Landrieau (LA), Mark Pryor (AR), Blanche Lincoln (AR) and Dianne Feinstein (CA) all vote along party lines the Senate will pass EFCA as written.
  • IF Senators Byrd and Kennedy are back in town
  • NOTE: It will be a surprise if a “frail and failing” Ted Kennedy is able to re-enter the Senate chambers to cast a vote and, it is unknown how long it will take for his successor to be named and pressured into supporting EFCA
  • IF the Health Care debate sucks all of the oxygen out of Washington, it is remotely possible (though doubtful) that the Democrats may become so embattled with intra-party fighting that it will not be able to focus on another highly contentious bill until after the mid-term elections.
  • Utilizing our favorite motto: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst…

On a Lighter Note: Shark Attacks are Down, BUT…

A brighter side to the recession if we’ve ever heard one…

The good news is: According to Surfer magazine’s July ’09 issue, shark attacks in 2008 dipped to their lowest level in five years.

Apparently, more Americans are skipping out on their annual pilgrimages to the beach, which means less tasty morsels for those hungry man-eaters swimming in the deep.

The bad news is… [Click here to find out]

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A strike affecting nearly 300,000 bay are commuters was averted with what appears to be concessions coming from the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).

“Our members knew that sacrifices were going to be involved in this. We recognized that throughout the process. But, what we couldn’t do was accept an unfair burden being placed upon our members,” said Jesse Hunt, president of the 850-member ATU.

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