With time running out before their jobs go away, Machinists union members in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin are asking for a revote on the vote they took last week to either accept or reject their employer’s final offer.

Last Sunday, despite warnings from their employer that a rejection would mean closing their facility, Machinists members rejected the concessionary contract. Within days, members began having second thoughts.

Now, however, it appears as thought their international union is prohibiting the members from taking a revote unless their are changes to the company’s final offer. The company, however, states that its offer will not change. As WBAY reports:

“I think the bylaw thing was a straw man. There’s somebody on the IAM that doesn’t want this to happen, and it’s very unfortunate because they are not representing the interests of the people of this community,” County Executive Allen Buechel expressed.

“The situation at some point may need a hero, and may need a hero making a decision that is outside the box. We’re hoping somebody is going to step forward and make that decision that is going to keep jobs in Fond du Lac,” City Manager Tom Herre said.

It’s a decision that also divides the union.

“I’m afraid there’s going to be some violence. Actually, I’m not sure that wouldn’t happen now if a second vote and the vote went the other direction, because there’s still people who feel strongly on both sides,” Buechel said.

Some ask why the local union doesn’t just ignore national leaders and hold another vote. The county executive tells us they worry if the vote isn’t sanctioned it won’t count at all.

The company’s offer will stand until midnight tonight.

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