BAD NEWS FOR UNION BOSSES: This Labor Day, the Majority of Americans Think You SUCK!

Bad news this Labor Day weekend, according to a Gallup poll release on Friday, for the first time ever the majority of Americans disapprove of unions.

While many (particularly union bosses) may view this as a surprise, it should not be that shocking.

Since 2006, when unions won the election mid-term elections for Democrats, unions have been exerting greater influence on the Democratic Party. This has manifested itself in the Leftward push of the party itself, turning the Democrats into, for the first time in America, a de facto Labor Party.

While many Americans were naive to this underground revolution on the Left, union bosses continued to flex their political muscles through 2008, culminating in November’s Obama victory.

Since the 2008 Obama victory, the proverbial “sleeping giant” of America is starting to slowly wake up to the union bosses’ game, having seen:

  • A Bailout of the Auto Industry at taxpayer expense, rewarding the United Auto Workers, the union that helped decimate the auto industry.
  • An attempt to nationalize health care by the administration, but led by unions
  • Astro-turfing at town hall meetings where union thugs take their aggression out on concerned citizens and, in at least one case, allegedly beat up a man
  • The incoming president of the AFL-CIO openly threatening politicians that it’s the union way or else
  • A union-back bill that has been hallucinogenically named the Employee Free Choice Act which 1) removes workers’ right to a secret-ballot election if a majority are tricked into signing union “authorizations” and 2) allows a federal government-appointed arbitrator to dictate workers’ wages and benefits.

These, among other reasons (all union bosses’ own doing), appear to be taking their toll on the public’s perception of today’s unions. This has led AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka to recently say: “We haven’t branded ourselves.”

Mr. Trumka fails to realize that no amount of ‘branding’ will erase the fact that today’s unions are nothing like the unions of the past. Today’s unions are controlled from the top-down by bosses who have embraced a socialist world view and have aided in the demise of thousands of companies and millions of jobs.

We’ll have to wait and see next year’s poll numbers to see if Americans continue waking up to today’s union bosses and their shenanigans.

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