NLRB UPDATE: McCain Vows to Block AFL-CIO/SEIU’s Becker

An update to Saturday’s post on the union radical, Craig Becker’s nomination to the National Labor Relations Board:

This afternoon, as expected, the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee voted (without a hearing) 15-8 to confirm President Obama’s nominees to the NLRB.

In a welcome and surprising twist, however, Senator John McCain stated that he would “place a hold” on the radical Craig Becker’s nomination, effectively blocking a vote in the full Senate.

According to the AP:

Under Senate rules, a single lawmaker can block a full vote on the Senate floor.

“This is probably the most controversial nominee that I have seen in a long time,” McCain said. His remarks echoed complaints by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and dozens of business groups that claim Becker’s views are “out of the mainstream.”

[To say the least!]

The Shopfloor has a good summary (based on an HR Policy Association Brief) as to why Becker may be very harmful to both employers, employees and, ultimately, the economy:

    • Legalizing Disruptive “Quickie” Strikes
    • Eliminating the Employer Role in Union Representation Elections
    • Denying the Employer’s Ability to Challenge the Union’s Definition of the Unit
    • Barring the Employer From Joining the Union in Observing the Election Process
    • Denying the Employer the Ability to Object to Union Misconduct
    • Limiting Employer Access to Federal Courts to Challenge Key NLRB Rulings
    • Creating a “Body of New Campaign Rules” to Neutralize Employers in Union Representation Campaigns
    • Stretching the Statutory Framework

Workforce Management has more on today’s events here.

We’ll keep you posted with further developments on this important issue as they happen.

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One response to “NLRB UPDATE: McCain Vows to Block AFL-CIO/SEIU’s Becker

  1. Thank goodness that Mr McCain is a stand up guy.

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