SEIU’s Got a Little Problem & Updates Galore

A Good Monday to you.

This is just a quick post to let you know some BIG news from Washington, courtesy of Hot Air:

At 9 am ET today, Americans for Tax Reform and the Alliance for Worker Freedom will deliver a letter to both chambers of Congress and to US Attorney Channing Phillips in Washington DC, demanding a federal investigation of Andrew Stern, president of the SEIU. They will claim that Stern, who stopped registering as a federal lobbyist in 2007, has continued his lobbying efforts. They claim to have compiled evidence of Stern’s lobbying from the recently released White House visitor logs, media reports — and Stern’s own Twitter feed, in what has to be a first for the social networking service.

[Read the rest here.]

Whether or not the Obama Justice Department does anything with this seemingly unlawful lobbying activity remains to be seen. However, since Stern has been called the hand inside Obama’s puppet, the ramifications of this are huge!

In other news all about Andy from over the weekend:

And then there’s these:

Readers, we hope you have a productive and prosperous week.

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