LABOR SHORTS: The Grinch, The SEIU & More…

Labor Shorts is back for its sixth installment and, in honor of the season and the first story below, we’ve changed the shorts (so to speak):

  • Bah Humbug! No egg nog for those Union Scrooges! An ongoing brouhaha between NBC and NABET/CWA has the union threatening to pull the plug on “Christmas in Rockefeller Center.”
  • Why do they want to eliminate voting rights? Unions won 73% of NLRB Elections in the first half of 2009 which begs the question: Why do union bosses want to eliminate workers’ right to a secret-ballot with the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act? [What losers.]
  • WTF?!? God, Guns and…Goldman Sachs? The SEIU is bragging (and Bloomberg is reporting) that executives at failed New Jersey governor John Corzine’s former company, Goldman Sachs, are arming themselves against a potential proletariat uprising, as SEIU continues to harass the bailed-out billionaires club.
  • Speaking of Class Warfare…In a newly uncovered video, SEIU’s former favorite son (and current DNC Chair) Howard “Hear Me Yell” Dean has declared the debate between socialism and capitalism OVER and announces the DNC’s “permanent campaign.”
  • Show Me State Turns Blind Eye To Purple People Beaters. Three months after the fact and just when it appeared that justice would be served upon the SEIU thugs who beat a black conservative last August, justice just got downgraded to an “ordinance violation.”
  • SEIU settles PR SNAFU with Boy Scout…sort of. After threatening to file a grievance for a boy scout volunteering his time to clear a path, SEIU bigwigs found themselves picking up sticks by the roadside in an attempt to revitalize their already-blown image.
  • Fat Chance, Fat Head! The Machinists union is calling on President Obama to save 1,000 Pratt & Whitney jobs that are moving out of Connecticut. Apparently, the union is hoping that “the silver-tongued orator” Obama has forgotten Machinist President Tom Buffenbarger’s anti-Obama tirade during last year’s Democratic primaries. [Perhaps the IWAS is befitting.]
  • How Objectionable: SEIU’s Press Release Calls Out NLRB & Attempts Scare Health Care Workers. The National Labor Relations Board has apparently offended the seemingly above-the-law SEIU by granting health care workers at Kaiser Permanente the right to vote to choose whether or not to remain represented by the Union of Purple People Eaters. Read the release here.
  • An Ex-SEIU staffer shares what he found wrong with Andy Stern’s SEIU: “…an organization that dampened freedom of speech, weakened internal democracy, reduced meaningful member involvement, made secret deals with employers that harmed members’ interests, and isolated and punished members and staff who disagreed.” [Read the rest here.]
  • Union extortion gets NY contractor 3 Mos. in slammer. “After apologizing to his family and the court, Petrocelli told the judge that if he hadn’t paid off McLaughlin, the crooked labor leader would have put him out of business by drumming up labor unrest.”
  • Thief Steals Millions from Sandhogs Union. “Like sand in an hourglass, so were the…” Over the last seven years, Melissa G. King of Irvington, N.Y., transferred $42 million from three union funds to bank accounts she controlled.
  • SEIU Set to Walk Out on Patients. Richard Palmisano, president and CEO of Northern Berkshire Healthcare, the hospital’s parent corporation, said in a release that the hospital would continue to “provide high quality health care services to our patients without interruption” if the strike takes place as planned.
  • Teamsters’ Hoffa Imposes Concessions on Teamster Members. “We’re proud that we stood strong against concessions, and we did it on our own. Now our own International union comes in and undercuts us. They’ve sold themselves to the company,” stated Local 705 steward Mike Jordan.

These, as you know, are but a few of the stories we post seven days a week on LaborUnionReport’s Linkedin Group. If you’re not on there yet, you’re missing a lot.

Readers, we wish you a very productive and prosperous week’s end.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” — Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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