Union Bullsh*t Watch: Glass-Housed Teamsters Ticked Over "Anti-Union" Flyers

As the adage goes: He who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks.

It is amazingly hypocritical when unions spew anti-employer rhetoric during union campaigns (like here) only to scream ‘foul’ when someone puts out an ‘anti-union’ flyer. 

In the case of the Teamsters’ attempt to unionize Continental Airline’s fleet service workers, the Teamsters organized a bunch of marchers to walk in a circle in front of a Continental office building decrying what they claim are anti-union flyers.  Despite the fact that it is not clear whether the flyers are company issued or the creative workings of some independent-minded employees, somehow the Teamsters think the company is to blame.

So, assuming the Company is the party that created the flyers, so what?  It didn’t do anything that unions like the Teamsters don’t already do…

Something smells like a lot of union b.s. here…It must be the stench of union-hypocrisy…

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