BREAKING: Sen. Tom Harkin Confirm’s Craig Becker Easter Recess Appointment to NLRB

As the nationalization of America’s health care has captured the nation’s attention this week (we’ve been posting HCR-related stories on, other than SEIU’s Andy Stern gloating that the SEIU has changed America “forever,” there has been little focus on other union-related issues.

Today, however, our focus is pivoting back to the over-riding union agenda, which is the unionization of America.  [Employers, it’s time to get your armor on.]
The hard-left blog FireDogLake is reporting that Senator Harkin (D-IA) is promising that President Obama will be appointing SEIU-attorney Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board over the Easter recess.
Earlier this month, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis intimated that Craig Becker, a nominee for the currently non-functioning National Labor Relations Board, would get a recess appointment to the body. Now Tom Harkin is saying the same thing, telling CQ “It’s going to happen” during the Easter recess, set to begin March 26, or whenever the reconciliation bill is completed in the Senate.
To read the entire FDL post go here.
In other NLRB-related news, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments earlier this week as to whether the NLRB’s current two-member panel constituted a “quorum” as defined by NLRA.  [For a good, humorous take on the case, go here.]

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