Unionized Doormen Could Strike the Big Apple

New Yorkers may soon have to open their own doors, sign for their own packages and (gasp!) get their own laundry!

Local 32BJ of the infamous SEIU may be taking doormen in the Big Apple out on strike soon.

The contract between the union and the Realty Advisory Board ends on April 20, and workers are anxious that the dispute won’t be resolved in time. One rep from 32 BJ of the Service Employees International Union told the Daily News, “Every day my fellow workers ask, ‘What’s going on?’ and I have to give the same answer: ‘They’re still negotiating.’ I just hope that both sides don’t play hardball.” The union has set up a petition on their website, asking supporters to “Let the Realty Advisory Board (the association that represents building owners) know that you support fair pay and secure benefits for NYC apartment building workers.” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is also behind the union, saying at the meeting last night, “Our City’s economic downturn is no excuse to deprive hard-working people and their families of a fair wage or essential benefits.”

A strike could spell D-O-O-M for Gotham City, should there be no doorman to tend the doorways and dirty laundry for the city that never sleeps.
Read more here.

For more news and views on today’s unions, go to LaborUnionReport.com


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