Temple University Hospital Continues to Provide Uninterrupted Quality Care Despite RN Strike

On Wednesday, we posted on the nursing strike going on at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.
When the union, PASNAP, chose pickets over patients, the hospital decided to continue patient care by bringing in replacement staff.

The hospital said its 400 physicians are continuing to direct patient care, assisted by 3,000 other employees who are not members of PASNAP, and the “fully qualified, licensed and credentialed temporary nurses and allied-health professionals who are replacing striking employees.”

Apparently, the hospital feels the union is pulling some shenanigans, as it issued a press release earlier today:

There are only two parties to the current labor dispute – PASNAP and Temple University Hospital (TUH). TUH is located at Broad & Ontario, in North Philadelphia.

There is no reason for PASNAP to have attempted a disruption at Rittenhouse Square today.


Temple doctors are directing all patient care, and they are being ably assisted by 3,000 other non-striking Hospital employees, as well as our fully-qualified, licensed and credentialed nursing, technical and professional workforce.

Further, prior to our receipt of a strike notice, and once again when we received a strike notice, Temple University Hospital provided the Pennsylvania Department of Health with a full briefing of its Continuing Operations Plan.

TUH is in daily contact with the Department of Health to provide ongoing updates. During the past week, the Department of Health visited our Hospital on multiple occasions in order to ensure that we are in compliance with our Continuing Operations Plan and all applicable regulations.

We are outraged that the union leadership continues with its irresponsible attempts to frighten our patients and the community about the quality of care being provided at TUH by making unfounded and self-serving allegations. In fact, these antics support our claims of defamation against PASNAP that are now pending before the court, and demonstrate the union’s intent to use any tactic they can to garner support – even at the expense of our patients.

Temple University Hospital remains open and continues to provide its full array of uninterrupted, quality services.

Judging from this press release, it appears the union knows the hospital is operating just fine without the strikers and is trying to make claims otherwise.

We’ll have more on this strike as it continues to unfold.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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