It is Finished. Teamsters settle on contract with Waste Management

We’ll be updating this post as details come in,
so check back over the next day or two.

Following this story over the last few weeks has been an exercise in entertainment.

As the once-mighty Teamsters negotiated with waste giant Waste Management for a new contract covering Seattle-area members, the union was poised to flex its muscles by calling its members out on strike only to find out that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as there were 1600 applicants ready, willing and able to take the Teamsters’ jobs.

So, as opposed to striking immediately, the Teamsters opted for displaying yard signs.

Then, in a surprise move, the Teamsters did, in fact, call their members out on strike…but then, in even more surprising move, surrendered unconditionally offered to return to work a day and a half later.  However, to try and save face, the Teamsters ridiculously claimed they returned to work to “prevent a public health crisis.”

Last night, after nearly a month of watching the Teamsters’ failed attempts at flexing their once-mighty muscles, they finally hammered out a five-year agreement with Waste Management.

After two long days of bargaining, Waste Management and union garbage haulers reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract, both sides said Tuesday evening.

Leaders of Teamsters Local 174 said they will urge their members to ratify the proposed contract when they vote this Sunday, both sides announced.

Neither side would disclose any specifics on how they resolved an earlier impasse over medical benefits for employees and retirees.

“We both made compromises,” said Waste Management spokeswoman Katie Salinas. “We’re extremely pleased to have reached an agreement. The agreement delivers a solid compensation package to our drivers.”

Michael Gonzales, a spokesman for Teamsters Local 174, said the union wouldn’t release details of the proposal until it shares them with its members.

Check back here as the details of the contract are released.

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