Springfield’s Folly: And unionized construction is better…why?

Forget common sense and logic just for a moment please.

Also, forget for a moment the union-owned and union built apartment building in Seattle that must be torn down because of shoddy union construction.

And, while you’re at it, forget the fact that union construction (through so-called Project Labor Agreements) generally increases construction costs by nearly 20%.

So, forget all that you know for a moment please

Isn’t one of the main reasons governments and big construction companies agree union-only PLAs is the so-called peace from labor strife (e.g., strikes) that PLAs are supposed to ensure?

In other words, construction firms (and governments) buy into the PLA scam concept because it supposedly will ensure labor peace.

You know, it’s sort of like saying: You sign this and pay me more than I’m worth and I promise I won’t hit you over the head.  [No, despite what you might think, they don’t call that extortion.]

So, if PLAs are supposed to ensure labor peace, how do unions in Springfield, Illinois explain this?

Wages and the economy are at the center of the first strike in nearly 40 years by Springfield’s Iron Workers Local 46.

More than a dozen hospital, college, utility and commercial construction projects, involving hundreds of workers, are affected by the work stoppage, which began at midnight Friday.

Negotiations between the union and the Central Illinois Builders Association remained stalled late Monday.


Contractors’ spokesman Dan Curry said he believes the strike had shut down work on each of the affected projects.Whalen said union members understand the strike comes at a difficult time and that it would disrupt local construction projects.

Local projects affected 

  • Student Center, and Work Force Career Center at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield; new classroom building at the LLCC campus in Taylorville. 
  • Renovation at St. John’s Pavilion and construction of St. John’s medical building north of the Sixth Street Wal-Mart.
  • Parking ramp work at Memorial Medical Center. 
  • Construction at Taylorville Memorial Hospital and Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln. 
  • Expansion of Blessed Sacrament School, 748 W. Laurel St. 
  • Improvements at City Water, Light and Power water-treatment plant. 
  • Construction atSpringfield Mass Transit District facility, 928 S. Ninth St. 
  • Addition to the headquarters of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, 401 E. Capitol Ave. 
  • Water plant project in Taylorville. 
  • Construction of VisionCare clinic in Prairie Crossing.

So much for paying a premium to buy labor peace…!

Despite agreeing to pay more to ensure that they would not be beaten labor peace, Springfield, IL just got hit over the head!

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

For more news and views on today’s unions, go to LaborUnionReport.com.

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