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LABOR SHORTS #3: Exposing Today’s Union Bosses One Skid Mark at a Time

Vol. 1, Issue 3

Dear Readers:

As the week’s end fast approaches, we offer you our third installment of LUR’s Labor Shorts, where we expose today’s union bosses one skid mark at a time.

Here is this week’s list of the most relevant union happenings across the country (and beyond), brought to you in short and “tweet” form (that is 140 characters, more or less):

And that, mates, is our Labor Shorts #3!

With best wishes for a great week’s end!


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“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” — Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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The’yre Baaack! No-Vote Unionization Pushers Release New EFCA Ad for Labor Day

Just when you thought it was safe to wade back to work, the pushers of the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act are out with an ad (see below) just in time for Labor Day weekend.

American Rights at Work, a labor coalition, announced today that it will launch a national cable television ad campaign that try to make the case for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow unions to bypass secret elections that they claim give a chance for employers to intimidate workers.

Just to clarify for new readers what the oxymoronically-dubbed bill is, EFCA:

  • Causes the removal of the secret-ballot on union elections if more than 50% of workers sign union “authorizations” causing workers to become unionized based merely on their signatures
  • Mandates a government-imposed contract if a company and union cannot reach an agreement within 120 days of negotiations.
  • Imposes punitive fines on only employers (not unions) who violate the law.

For more anout EFCA, go here

In enacted, the practical effects of EFCA will be:

  • Immediate gains in union membership, swelling union coffers immensely
  • Chilling effect on employer speech
  • Closure of small companies under the burden of unionization, resulting in layoffs of workers (view article on EFCA’s killing of American jobs here).
  • Capital flight in the form of more outsourcing of jobs, as larger companies take flight from the onerous burdens of unionization.
  • More automation in those industries that cannot be outsourced resulting in fewer jobs
  • Following the expiration of government-imposed two-year contracts, for those companies that can survive, there is likely to be a sharp increase in labor strife (i.e., union strikes and employer lockouts).
  • Potential for one-party rule in state and national politics, as unions will be able to moblize millions of dollars and tens of thousands of members to polls

Here is the ad being launched this weekend.

For more information go to 1-888-NO-UNION.COM.

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A new ad by the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce drives home some good points of the delusionally-dubbed Employee Free Choice Act.

For more on the job-destroying Employee Free Choice Act, go here.

For more details on the deceptive tactics union bosses are using to push this poisonous bill, visit 1-888-NO-UNION.COM.

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HuffPo Writer Blasts Bakery Workers’ Union

An interesting piece appeared on Huffington Post today about the ongoing saga of the soon-to-be-unemployed former Stella D’Oro strikers.

What makes this post interesting is the fact that it is openly critical of all the parties: the company (which is to be expected from a HuffPo writer) but the union and the workers as well got blasted in the opening paragraph:

I’m disgusted with everybody involved in the Stella D’Oro fiasco. No one gets a gold star (stella d’oro) unless it’s for incompetence. The union negotiators gang planked the 136 workers in their care right into a watery grave.

Later, the author of the piece, Dan Silverstein, writes:

Stella D’Oro’s collapse was a battle of midgets, and it didn’t have to happen. Each side overplayed its hand.

Standing in their [the company’s] way was an activist work force that felt entitled, and who became incensed when management tried to impose a plan for renewal that contradicted the evolution of nest feathering previous owners had tolerated. The union representatives were particularly outraged by the introduction of a restructured pay scale in which new workers would no longer be paid almost as much as seasoned workers. In that, they were wildly
successful; now everyone is paid exactly the same.

And, later:

But, the mind-numbing arrogance of the negotiators for the Bakery Workers Union Local 50 is particularly disturbing because it sealed the fate of the workers whose jobs they were supposed to be protecting. Obviously they thought they could arm wrestle management into caving in. What a mistake.

As stated earlier, this is a surprisingly remarkable statement to be posted on HuffPo.

To read some background to this story, go to 1-888-NO-UNION.COM’s blogpost “No Contract, No Cookies…and No Job!”

Read the entire piece: Stella D’Oro’s No-Win Solution

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Newsbusters Exposes Media Bias on Employee Free Choice Act AP Report

It should come as no surpise when the media misreports issues around “card-check” legislation, otherwise known as the dubiously-dubbed Employee Free Choice Act. Well, has a good piece about on AP’s report on last week’s card-check trial balloon:

No one can finish Saturday’s report by Sam Hananel of the Associated Press without knowing the side of the political aisle on which he resides (surprise — not — it’s decidedly on the left), and that he is more sympathetic to the interests of organized labor than he is to those of management at non-union firms.

To read the entire article go here.

For more on the hallucinogencially-named Employee Free Choice Act, go to’s EFCA Page, or 1-888-NO-UNION.COM

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Chicago Unions Cost 431 City Workers Their Jobs

According to Dienekes, over at 1-888-NO-UNION.COM:

“When it comes to causing people to lose jobs, there’s no singular, man-made force that does it better than today’s unions.”

It appears that the Teamsters and AFSCME have done more harm than good for 431 of Chicago’s city workers. Go here to read about it.

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UFCW Gets Contract at Massive Pork Plant

The plant had been a target of the United Food & Commercial Workers’ union for more than 15 years.

It had been the site of mass rallies, a corporate campaign of negative publicity, community and clergy activism…all aimed at getting more than 4,000 workers to pay union dues (up to an estimated $1.1 million per year).

Finally, last December, the UFCW and their henchmen succeeded in getting voted into Smithfield’s massive Tar Heel (NC) pork-processing plant by a mere 52% of the ballots cast.

Now, the UFCW has negotiated its first contract at the plant, scoring an obvious victory: the ability to collect union dues from the workers.

In the meantime, what did the union do for the workers? Accorting to this press report, the UFCW negotiated the same health care package workers had before unionization, the same retirement package workers had before unionization, a minor increase in company-paid vacation and…

…wait for it…

…wait for it…

Wage increases that amount to $0.37 per hour for the next four years!

Oh yeah. The UFCW also negotiated a grievance procedure into the contract. However, since unions have the legal right to deny workers individual grievances, we don’t consider this a major accomplishment.

And for that, the UFCW gets more than a million a year in union dues!

“We are living in historic times right now,” said Terry Slaughter (no pun intended), one of the pro-UFCW workers.

Apparently, putting lipstick on a pig in North Carolina is different than putting lipstick on a pig elsewhere, than it may indeed be historic.

For more about the United Food & Commercial Workers, go to 1-888-NO-UNION.COM’s profile on the UFCW here.

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