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SEIU Wants to Count Illegal Immigrants in Census

The Purple People Eater Union, otherwise known as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) wants the 2010 census to count everyone who happens to be in America, whether they are here legally or not.

From the Purple Beast’s website:

It is in peoples’ best interest to be counted because the US Census is how our country makes decisions about allocation of resources and local representation, regardless race or immigration status.

Here is Beck on the topic.

Why the effort to include illegals?

Well, very simply, if you didn’t watch the video above, it goes to the redistricting of Congressional districts and the apportionment of the treasury.

More bodies (legal or illegal) mean more representatives. More representatives for illegals means more votes to fund programs, more votes to confer rights, more votes to do the SEIU’s bidding.

For more info on the SEIU, go here.

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Ten More Reasons the Oxy-Moronically Named Employee Free Choice Act Must Fail

From Secret Ballot Watch

Over the summer, we offered 10 reasons why the Employee Free Choice Act should fail. It was a good list, but incomplete.

You see, EFCA has the potential to wreak such havoc on our economy and workers’ rights that it’s not difficult to find yet another 10 reasons why it should fail:

10. Substituting one bad idea for another is not a “compromise.”

9. A key EFCA negotiator is “not happy” with the “compromise” bill.

8. States from coast to coast have rejected it.

7. It’s an act only a labor boss could love.

6. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are against it.

5. It has an equally evil twin.

4. It has another equally evil twin.

3. Even EFCA supporters seem confused about what’s in the bill.

2. A federal agency has already declared a key feature of EFCA “unreliable.”

1. The unemployment rate is already too high, and EFCA would only make it worse.

Beats Letterman’s Top Ten any day!

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